Welcome to Strictmoor Academy These series of films & their associated spin offs concern the education of girls from an era long ago. The end of the 1950's and early 1960's were turbulent for young ladies of higher learning... those who were thought to be falling behind or had behavioral issues were sent to the academy. On this page you will find the teaching staff and the schoolgirl cast over the years.

Teaching Staff & Maternal figures
Dana Specht (Mrs Jackson)
Miss Anna (Miss Drower)
Tasha Lee (Mrs Cooper)
Miss Elizabeth (Wellbourne)
Samantha B (Mrs Frobisher)
Clare Fonda (Miss Collins)
Strictmoor Academy Girls (in alphabetical order)
Addie Juniper (Kelly)
Adriana Evans (Anthea)
Ami Mercury (Sian)
Angel Lee (Angela)
Ashley Lane
Audrey Sugarsmak (Belinda)
Ava Nicole (Susan)
Bianca Rose (Jennifer)
Cassy Lau (Nicole)
Christy Cutie (Jane)
Del Hunter (Emily)
Elori Stix (Annie)
Harley Havik (Charlotte)
Jordana Leigh (Mary)
Kitty Catherine (Kathy)
Lexi Ellis (Allegra)
Linny Lace (Lynn)
Luci Lovett (Helen)
Mackenzie Reed (Rachel)
Nuna Starks (Sandra)
Rachel Adams (Gillian)
Sarah Gregory (Sarah Jane)
Stevie Rose (Judith)
Upcoming cast for Year 4 & other short series (appearing in 2019)
Alex Reynolds
Amelia J Rutherford
Apricot Pitts
Audrey Sugarsmak
Miss Bernadette
Eris Martinet
Helen Stephens
Lily Swan
Lola Rae
Maddy Marks
Misty Lovelace
Raven Mackenzie
Skylar Rose
Veronica Weston

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